GOTM / DPOTM / AOTM Rules & Prizes

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GOTM / DPOTM / AOTM Rules & Prizes

Postby Jabi » Thu Sep 05, 2013 5:42 pm

You must post the ispot details below:

GOTM or DPOTM or AOTM: _____
Character Name: _____
Character Sex (Male/Female): _____
Level: _____
Server (Pele/Cruyff): _____
Ispot Details: _____vs _____ / DD / __:__ h.
Minute Aprox.: __' __''
Video Link: Embed the YouTube video using the [youtube][youtube] tag. Don't use https YouTube links as it won't work. If you just post a link and not embed the video properly, your entry will be deleted.

GOTM: Nice long shot, beautiful skill goal, individual play, ...

DPOTM: Nice slide-tackle, beautiful tackle, timely ball steal, ...

AOTM: Goal made ​​after an incredible pass, goal scored after team play, ...


1. Each person is allowed to make maximum of 3 submissions for each category, this meaning you can make 3 for GOTM, 3 for DPOTM and/or 3 for AOTM every month.
2. You must post your own entry. Someone else may make the video for you, but the person submitting the entry has to be the one entering the competition. (Will not be accepted videos posted by another player).
3. If you do not submit your Ispot details with your video, your submissions will not be valid.
4. GOTM/DPOTM/AOTM rewards will be given to winners by Jabi.
5. All the GOTM/DPOTM/AOTM submissions should be submitted into the correct topics.
6. The videos MUST be submitted in the month they occur. You can't submit goals of previous months. For example, December goals will NOT be accepted in January submissions.(Any videos past the deadline will not be accepted).
7. A jury will vote for the winner:
8. The decision is final and may no reflect/match your personal opinion. Please don't even enter this contest if you can't accept the outcome, no matter if you win or not.
9. The contest may be cancelled in case there are not enough entries at the end of the month. There should be at least 8 entries in each category.


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GOTM: Gold Boots
DPOTM: Gold Shinpads
AOTM: Gold Studs

These rules apply from September 2013

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Re: GOTM / DPOTM / AOTM Rules & Prizes

Postby Shark » Fri Jun 27, 2014 11:12 am

This contest ends on June 30, 2014. We will be announcing brand new contests next month.
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