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Champions Cup!

Postby Trickspeed » Fri Mar 14, 2014 5:06 pm

The Champions Cup will be an unofficial 720 knockout cup. Each game will be two-legged, and there will be one tie (two legs) in a week. There will be no official squad lists, but each player may only play for one team. The tournament will be organized by Frimpong, Wright and Trickspeed. The ideal number of teams permitted is 16, but may fluctuate based on interest levels.


1. Any PMC is welcome to enter as long as they have a minimum of 10 players in their PMC for 7aside play.
1.2 Teams will be added to the leagues manually by the admins of the competition.
1.3 The tournament organizers may not accept some teams if they got banned from previous tournaments or if they have withdrawn during the season.
1.4 End of sign-ups –
1.5 Kick off date –

2.1: Teams may withdraw during the sign up period, any team to withdraw after the sign up period will be disallowed from competing in future competitions.
2.2: If a team withdraws during the league, all results will be nullified.
2.3: Teams may be removed from the competition if any rule is broken and deemed bannable by the organizers.

3.1: Players are free to play for ONE team and one team only.
3.2: Using a player who has played in another team already, will result in an auto-win for the opposition.
3.3: Repeated abuse of rule 3.2 will result in a competition ban for the player and side in question.
3.5: The squad size submitted for tournament entry has to be minimum of 10.
3.6: Players can use their characters to ONLY play for one team. You may use your alternative characters to ONLY play for the same club. You can’t play for other clubs with alternative characters.
3.7: Abuse of rule 3.6 will result in nulled matches in each instance used and a possible team ban.

4.1: If a player recieves a red card a substitute is NOT allowed.
4.2: If a player subs in for a red carded player and interferes with play, the side suffers an automatic loss of 3-0 subject to appeal.
4.3: If a player crashes before 10 minutes they may sub back in. Anything after 10 minutes the player is not allowed to return, however a different player may replace them.
4.4: If a player crashes it is NOT obligatory to fair play, however it is strongly recommended.
4.5: Subbing out/crashing on a yellow card,returning and getting another yellow card is deemed foul play and will result in an automatic win for the opposition unless the player in question exits the game.

5.1: Overheads. Not allowed, not even as a pass.
5.2: An exploit perfectly shown in this vid Lob pass before keeper then run / shot in free goal or sliding the ball when the keeper comes out. You can’t assist to a player by doing that either. If the keeper comes out and you kick the ball past him, you have to kick it off for a throw/goal kick, unless a teammate passes it to you and you knock it past the GK or you slide a pass past the GK. The pass has to be a proper pass from your team mate not a chip infront of you so you can easily slide it or knock it past. If there are any queries to an event like this happening then please submit details of the match time and ispot details for the admin’s to review and make a final decision, until then, play the match as normal from start to finish.
5.3: 5% preload headers yourself during a corner or cross then pre in goal are not allowed.
5.4: The Low Fast Cross is also banned from the competition.
5.5: The team that does these exploits will be receiving an auto-loss. The organizers of the competition will watch the replay and make a decision.

6. Knock Out - 2 Legs - Golden Goal if tied after 2 legs create a 3rd match - Final is 1 Match

7. Atleast one player from your teams management is required to have the use of IRC whether #FS or #FSCC
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Re: Champions Cup!

Postby Angelcr » Fri Mar 14, 2014 5:11 pm

Good job mate :D
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Re: Champions Cup!

Postby TheMaw » Fri Mar 14, 2014 5:54 pm

Looks epic !
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