Masters League Final: Events Calendar [UPDATE 3.0]

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Masters League Final: Events Calendar [UPDATE 3.0]

Postby Razza » Sun Jun 25, 2017 8:30 pm


To celebrate the Masters League Final and it's 5th year from Monday the 26th up until the Final on July 1st we will be running some events to build up the final showpiece as we come to the end of what has been another wonderful tournament, so here are the events;

Monday 26th: Admins match draw - One of the PMC's who didn't qualify will get a chance to play the Admins in another special game to win more prizes, the PMC will be chosen randomly @ 20:30 GMT and will be announced on this post so keep your eyes out! UPDATE; That team will be Serene! They have been picked for the second time, can Osaki please PM me on the forum to confirm they can play.

Tuesday 27th: Hide n Seek - The classic game returns, 3 winners in total and all you have to do is find the hider! This starts at 20:00 GMT Winners: Lorandinha, Obito + Labyad

Wednesday 28th: Admins of FS vs. Serene @ 20:00 GMT (The manager can rearrange to a different time but not date with me by PM'ing me on the forum)
Final Score: The Admins 5-1 Serene

Saturday 1st July: Where are they? The game where a subtle clue is given to a location of someone, you have 3 minutes to go to that location before they appear, the first 10 qualify and x amount will be eliminated each round until we have 1 winner! This will be at 18:30 GMT (90mins before the final) Winners: Lorandinha, Awesooome + Porphyria

- Video Packages of both finalists on the Footballstars Youtube page to get yourself hyped for the final!

- Score Predictor, CLICK HERE TO PREDICT NOW as anyone who enters will be able to win credits. You will be able to predict; The score, Who scores first, Red cards and the overall winner! Winners announced on the same page.
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