Minimum System Requirements & Tips

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Minimum System Requirements & Tips

Postby Shark » Mon Feb 08, 2016 11:35 pm


As Striker Superstars is a browser based game, we have a lot of players who play the game on their laptops.

Unfortunately, they are usually unaware of crucial settings that would maximize performance when they are playing games. Especially when it comes to browser based games like Unity webplayer games. Choosing the right graphics processor when you are playing a Unity webplayer game is vital.

1) You should make sure you are using a high performance power profile. You can access power profiles at the right hand side of the taskbar (click the battery icon)

2) Dual graphics processors. There are usually two graphics processors on laptops today. This is to ensure optimum battery life. Your laptop switches to the integrated graphics when it believes that you don't need power. Unfortunately browsers don't make your laptop switch to gaming mode / high performance graphics. They use the low power integrated graphics processor which usually doesn't perform well when it comes to 3D games. (low rendering power equals low frame rate) Even if you have a very powerful system with a high performance CPU, the bottleneck will be the graphics processor in this case.

In order to override this behavior, you need to adjust your graphics settings.

According to your hardware, you may have an NVIDIA or an AMD graphics card. Check your system and see where you can access the control center of your graphics card.

Below you can see an example for NVIDIA graphics. Here we set HIGH PERFORMANCE NVIDIA processor for our web browser where we play Striker Superstars (and all the other web based games). When we do this, our system will be using high performance graphics processor when we are using this browser. This will increase performance in all browser based games. (provided that you apply this setting and for the correct web browser (common mistake))

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