World Cup 2015 - Cancelled

2015 Football Superstars World Cup

World Cup 2015 - Cancelled

Postby Razza » Sat Aug 22, 2015 8:18 pm

Hey Guys!

Unfortunately due to lack of interest and national team activity the World Cup for this year has had to be cancelled. The main reason being that some players didn't seem to understand the concept of a national team and that you can only play for that country if that's where you're from.

We apologise in advance and wholeheartedly to the players who did really make the effort to try and get a national squad going and there were some very competitive 7's and 11's games happening during that time, so sorry again to those.

However.. this doesn't mean the end of tournaments for this year. At this point in time a few of us are working hard behind the scenes to get a brand new PMC tournament going (hopefully before the end of the year.) So keep checking here and at for more info!

Cheers guys!

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