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Forum Rules and FAQ

PostPosted: Tue Jul 29, 2014 9:52 am
by Shark
updated: March 2016
1- Forum Rules: Strictly Disallowed on this forum:

- abusive language, harassing a person, GM or a group of people, promoting racial or ethnic hatred
- trading accounts
- discussing GM decisions, bans and disciplinary actions.
- refer to extreme sexuality, violence or pornography.
- refer to violence, threats.
- share personal information of self or any other person or group of people (real name, address, email, phone etc.)
- posting cheats, hacks or any other malicious software
- impersonating a moderator, GM or staff.
- spamming, trolling; posting the same topic multiple times, posting the same content upon removal by moderators, opening a new topic that's been discussed before (please use forum search first)
- non-constructive posts, posts to pick up fights, off topic posts...
- duplicate threads.
- advertising
- posting on another (new or alternative) account after a ban has been placed on the user's main account.
- slander is not allowed here. You have to provide valid proofs of what you are claiming, otherwise the post will be removed and you may receive an account ban if you insist. Some examples: "Player X is hacking!", "This chat admin is banning people for no reason." "You are not doing your job." "You are ignoring abuse reports." etc.
- discuss / debate forum and game bans (you may raise a ticket for that).

any of these above offences may cause a temporary or permanent ban to your forum or/and game accounts.

Feature Requests, Suggestions:

There are a number of topics which have been raised on several occasions. These are all known to be desired features or changes, and have been discussed at length. These suggestions are not being ignored, but further discussion will result in bad feelings on the forum.

Please consider these closed topics and refrain from posting suggestions on them. Threads on these topics will be locked to prevent repetitions of old debates.

Common Suggestion Topics

Red card/Foul system/Advantage Rule: We are working on this.

Keeper pass-back: We are working on improving the gk AI. GK AI is being rewritten.

Ball control / Hardiness balance

On-the-ball Movement

PMC Kit customisation/ Home and away Kit selection

Kickabout - It's not coming back

Lateral movement and Backpedal

Football Practice Attributes balance

Barber/Changing appearance in-game: There will be a web based application that will allow you to change your character appearance soon.

New Stadiums, graphics, visual effects: not possible with the current engine

Better physics: again not possible with the current engine

Abuse reports & Outcome : No, you don't get to know what happens to the player that you have reported for gameplay/verbal abuse. We do read your reports and appreciate the effort but we don't disclose the details to you.

Same old suggestions: Please try to read similar topics before you suggest something like "Make a new stadium, make a new shirt, add a new video, add new graphics, change the goalkeeper, add new chants etc." Unique suggestions are valuable while repetitions do not add any value to the game.

Please note that this will result in some current threads being locked or deleted as this is brought into effect. This should not be seen as a punishment or a criticism on anyone's contributions, however you should first read the other topics and make sure you don't repeat the same idea/suggestion/feedback someone has stated before.

Some of the frequently asked questions:

- Is there a free kitbag code?

There isn't one. We will announce it when we can offer free credits. You can buy kitbag codes at the league website for yourself and for your friends.

- When is there going to be a new update that introduces new features, gameplay improvements etc.?

We haven't had a game developer working on Football Superstars for a long time. We still managed to keep it live instead of shutting down like many publishers do. Football Superstars game development has resumed in Q4-2014 and we are hoping to release updates near the end of the year or early 2015. We will most probably have a closed test in December and a public one later before releasing the first gameplay update. We will announce the details of this when the time comes. Read more below for updates in 2016.

Will Football Superstars have servers in Asia or America in the near future?

No we don't have any plans to open servers in any other territories.

- Payment options

You can still buy credits with PayPal (or credit cards) over at our league website :

There is also Rixty as an alternative payment method. Both methods give you the chance to download a kitbag code. (and redeem your credits at

- Someone has abused me (verbally) in game, what can I do?

Please press F11 when this happens. Pressing F11 will create a log of the conversation so that we can see this once it's reported. Next, please go to the support section on FS website and raise a support ticket and provide the details of the incident.

- I have reported someone, you didn't do anything. Why not?

We do read every report and investigate each one of them case by case. However, we won't tell you the outcome of the investigation and due to account privacy restrictions, we can't tell you if the player has been banned or not. Rest assured we are taking every report seriously.

- What are exploits, are they allowed?

There are a number of so called exploits in Football Superstars. We can not officially define anything as an exploit as this is not the proper way of dealing with them. It's best to update the game-play and minimize the effect of such glitches. That's how we want to address these glitches in the coming months.

Unless it's a tournament/league with its own set of rules, we don't consider anything as an exploit. In other words, do not report anyone for exploiting unless it's a tournament/league match and there is a rule that restricts the player from doing it. You can report someone only if they are consistently abusing it. (not just once a match)

- I posted a topic but it has been removed, why?

You probably posted a question that's been answered or a subject that's been discussed before. Please use the forum search before you post something yourself. If you have personal matters, forum is not the right place, go find the person you need to speak with and keep it in private. Abusive language of any kind is not tolerated and the post is removed without a warning. Please do not insist on posting a disapproved topic as it will result in termination of your forum account.

- I have been banned. Can you remove it?

If it was a permanent ban. No. There is no way to remove a permanent ban.

Re: READ BEFORE POSTING [or the post will be removed]

PostPosted: Tue Dec 30, 2014 3:52 pm
by Shark
FS: 2016 and beyond

We are working on improving the game in 2016 after updates in 2015. Unfortunately there are engine related limitations** so we can not make any visual changes, add new animations, sounds etc. at this time but we are looking for ways to improve the game engine or port the game to a new engine. We will update you on this one as soon as there is progress.

However, we are not sitting and waiting until we get a new engine for the game and port it (which requires massive investment and funding) We are still doing what we can with the current game engine. Basically, we are focusing on game-play elements (such as shooting, kicking, passing mechanics, pace of the game, goalkeeper AI, application of football rules etc.). There are lots to improve in that department. We will be working on the match engine hoping to deliver an update after Summer 2016. Please follow the announcement section for update details.

There will also be a gameplay update before summer (and before the upcoming Masters League) as well which will focus on goalkeeper AI, exploits and preloading mechanics (there will be a post detailing this update soon). In addition, there will be a new web application that will allow you to update your character's appearance (hair type, skin color etc.). Finally, you will be able to give your character a new look!

(Please note that we are not able to respond to individual threads so we won't be able to approve any new threads about updates. )

** There are players who ask why we don't port FS to a new engine. Unfortunately this is not a straightforward process. First of all it means a long period of development time as Football Superstars is a large game and the code base is not easy to move to another engine. Loads of game elements (game code, game art, animations etc.) would need to be recreated/modified for the new engine. This requires massive funding but we are always looking for ways to achieve this. Should we overcome these obstacles, we will surely let you know.