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Halsey-Zamora Apparel

Postby Halsey-Zamora » Wed Aug 06, 2014 10:40 pm

Hello there. I am Zamoraaa (or to the old guard Halsey).

I know over the years there have been plenty of shirt creation threads and this is just another one of those except I am running it. I am able to make any shirt design ether it's for PMC, FSC or even teams in the real world with your character's name on the back. Just to make things simpler I will make a form which can be copied and pasted.

Colours (only post for PMC):
Pattern (again for only PMC):
Shirt Name:
Shirt Number:
Special Requests:

As you could probably see I have a creative option. If you choose replica I will make a kit as close too the teams kit as possible but if you select creative I will try and think of something interesting.

However if you want replica here is an example below.

Zamoraaa (formerly known as Halsey)
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