A Guide to In-game 'Trolling' and reporting it

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A Guide to In-game 'Trolling' and reporting it

Postby Razza » Mon Jan 11, 2016 4:33 pm

Since Football Superstars began there has always been the issue of what is now known as 'Trolling' in the game. Sometimes however it is a term that can be misused and ends with players sending in meaningless tickets which wastes admins time when they could be doing something more productive to benefit the community. Here is a guide as to what Trolling is and when you should report it.

What is Trolling?

Trolling is when another player or players are purposely ruining the game for others, there are many different types and ways that players can troll a game. The most common time it happens are when one team is losing heavily and these players give up, 90% of these also have 'ego' issues (believing they're much better than everyone else) Therefore feel it's necessary to ruin it for others.

Slide Tackling

This is the most common one, when other players are purposely sliding their own team mates when they have the ball or sliding into a crowd of players when the ball is in a 50/50 situation.

Own Goals

This is definitely the most punishable, when players are scoring own goals purposely to lose the game.

Running/Keeping the ball

When players will run the ball off their own team then just run around in circles and keep it whilst not doing anything that benefits the team.

Assisting the opposition

When the player gets the ball and assists the opposition to goals, sometimes they will do it multiple times whilst trying to make it look like they're still trying to play.

Playing out of position

This is also very common, when players refuse to play the position they've been assigned then proceed to not play there even though no swap has been agreed.

Verbal Abuse

If a player is also being verbally abusive also MAKE SURE you press F11 then note it in your ticket that you pressed F11.

When should these be reported?

Sometimes players will do this by accident, for example a player may just go back to help their defence a lot whilst still trying to remain in attack, this is not a cause for reporting. The ONLY time you should report these players is if they're constant offenders. Often they will do 2-3 of these in one game.

How do I report them?

Send a ticket to Gameplay abuse and make sure you include which teams were involved, your nickname, the offenders nickname, the time and the date. Be warned though too many false tickets could have repercussions.

Gameplay Abuse - Griefing ** Additional Penalties

If you have been reported for gameplay abuse/griefing, it will be investigated by our gameplay abuse department. In case of griefing, penalties will range from "temporary account ban" to "match fitness reset" and "Level/XP penalty". In most extreme cases (scoring own goals on purpose, giving away penalties on purpose etc.) we will apply the Level/XP penalty and your character will lose XP. (e.g. if your character is level 100, after the XP penalty it may be down to 95 depending on the severeness of griefing). Repeated cases of gameplay abuse/griefing will result in a permanent ban. There will be no warnings and the decisions will be final. Simply put, Trolls are not welcome.

"I've been banned for nothing" , "Why have I been banned?"

This is the most common ticket we see after a player has been banned. Sometimes they are aggressive or sometimes they are blaming another family member for playing on their account (this can also be seen as account sharing) NO player gets banned for 'nothing'. All reports are checked thoroughly by admins and if clearly seen causing an offence are punished appropriately. All banned players are also sent an email as to the length and reason why your account has been banned. Because of this these kind of tickets will very rarely be replied too.

So please think twice before trolling because if you are reported you WILL be punished adequately. Also please think twice before sending in a ticket, make sure they really were trolling and you weren't just getting mad because they aren't as good as other players.

Also there is the same old cliche "Why have I been banned?". Please watch your language in game and follow the rules to avoid game bans. Violating all the rules and then pretending like you have no idea why you have been banned will not save you, so please do the right thing and protect your own account.

Racist words : Direct permanent ban

We take this very seriously. If you are racist to anyone in our games, we will ban your account permanently. This includes any sort of discrimination from ethnic racism to national discrimination. There won't be any warnings or temporary bans. A direct permanent ban will be applied. Please avoid racist words (jokes or not) at all costs!
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