Revamping and Reopening the forum [UPDATE]

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Revamping and Reopening the forum [UPDATE]

Postby Razza » Sat Nov 11, 2017 4:05 pm

[UPDATE] We are going to be setting permissions for regulars to post on the forum to start, so for those who played in the UL will be given the permission to post without needing approval.
However some players who have had serious bans on their account will not be considered for approval, neither will people who's forum name is 'superstarxxxxx' please change your forum name to be approved to post.

Hello All

So today I am pleased to announce we will be re-opening the forum to all players again from next Monday and here's why;

A few years ago the FS forum was the hub of this community, from teams creating their own tournaments to new PMC's/recruitments and of course Feedback + Suggestions. This unfortunately got ruined by a minority of people and the forum has essentially been on lock down since.

We want to bring the old forum back so over the next week we will be revamping it and hopefully new PMC's will be able to advertise again, new players can find PMC's and we will be welcoming back the Feedback and Suggestions threads.

However please note that this forum will be policed very strictly by myself + others. Even though we encourage free speech and want the community to be involved in giving us feedback and their suggestions for the game, we will not accept any flaming posts/topics. It isn't hard to remain civil and that is what we want this to be. If you are seen breaching these rules you WILL get a forum ban and maybe an account ban.

We hope you enjoy coming back onto the forum again and using it for discussions/videos/PMC recruitment etc. Have Fun!

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