Football Superstars no longer on Steam?

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Football Superstars no longer on Steam?

Postby Wobblz » Sat Mar 26, 2016 4:40 pm


Not sure if this should be here or somewhere in the Support forum.

Anyway, I just upgraded my PC and went to play FS via Steam. However, when it started I had the bug where the chat colours are all wrong so I decided to 'delete local content' from Steam and reinstall it. The problem is, you can no longer find Football Superstars anywhere in Steam. Searching for 'Football' or 'Superstars' does not bring the game up - neither does simply entering 'Football Superstars'.

Has the game been officially removed from Steam? I've installed it outside of Steam for now.

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Re: Football Superstars no longer on Steam?

Postby Shark » Sat Mar 26, 2016 5:00 pm


Correct. Due to some compatibility issues with Steam's billing systems, we had to remove FS from Steam. Please raise a support ticket when you are locked out and your account will be fixed.

For enthusiasts, there is also an unverified workaround that Zengo has suggested:

Zengo wrote:I could still install FS via Steam, when I clicked on Football Superstars option in my Steam tray icon recent games played list.
It popped up the installer window and it actually downloaded and installed it on my new machine.
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