I can't login in FS at some times of the day

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I can't login in FS at some times of the day

Postby Firenzemm » Fri Sep 22, 2017 8:51 pm

Good evening,
It started about three days ago: i can't login in FS at some times of the day, i tried at 18 GMT, 19 GMT, 20 GMT, 21 GMT and 22 GMT but nothing. I tried to log at 22.10 GMT and 12 GMT and by magic i can log regularly like happened from 2012 to 19 september :)

I tried to send a ticket but Support didn't give me a big help, maybe I explained badly and i am sorry for that.

I try to describe my problem here in a better way:
- When i can't connect after the double click at FS icon the image 1 sometimes appears and remains for 5 seconds and sometimes it remains for less than 1 second (message is: "Connecting to server").
- sometimes after 15 seconds, sometimes after 1 second i have image 2,
- when i click login image 3 appears and remains for 30 seconds (message is: "Checking for available patches, please wait"),
- after that i click play and image 4 remains for 30 seconds,
- in the end the image 5 appears, with the message "There was a problem connecting to the Football Superstars world. Please try again"


I did speedtests and i had same results that i had in the last years, i can do whatever i want in internet without problems.
The only program that needs an internet connection and that not works is FS, other programs work regularly.
I have vodafone station revolution router.

If something strange like that it happened to someone I would be grateful if you knew me ::please

Thanks in advance for your attention and consideration
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