Commenting on Recruitment posts -READ BEFORE COMMENTING

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Commenting on Recruitment posts -READ BEFORE COMMENTING

Postby Kadarn » Mon Mar 08, 2010 10:55 am

This forum is for PMC teams and players to advertise themselves. Commenting on recruitment threads or player adverts is fine, but should not be used to attack or belittle others.

Comments such as "avoid this guy, he's rubbish" are unfair and should be avoided. Any PMC has the right to judge a player's ability in trials or match replays, but that is for them to decide. If they wish a reference from a previous manager then they can ask for one. Comments slamming a player's ability mean that they may not get the chance to prove themselves. While they may not have made the grade with your team, they may very well have improved since then, or would be more suited to another team.

Such comments make it advertising yourself an intimidating process and will discourage people from doing so for fear of being the target of abuse and mockery.

Any comments belittling a prospective player or NPC will be considered as harassment and removed.
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