Stay connected, even on mobile! [Discontinued]

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Stay connected, even on mobile! [Discontinued]

Postby Shark » Mon Apr 21, 2014 11:04 pm


Chat with mobile support for FS and SS players

In an effort to help players who don't want to install additional software to communicate with team-mates and other players in Football Superstars and Striker Superstars, we have added a new feature over at the league site


Go mobile!

The chat supports mobile devices (works on anything from Android, to iOS or Blackberry), which makes it a good alternative to other chat applications. You don't need to install anything as you just need to login and enter one of the chatrooms or start PM'ing your friends. Another nice feature is that you have the chance to send files directly to your friends.


2014 FS World Cup

We will be integrating the chat into the World Cup as the primary communication tool on the site and embed the same chat on team specific pages where you can also view tournament related information (Standings, Fixtures...) So it will all be on one webpage. Chat and Tournament Statistics...

Password Protected Rooms for PMC's

If you own a PMC, we know how hard it is to find your team mates when you absolutely need them for an important match, with the mobile support you can find them even if they are not at their desk. If you need a room, ask us to create a special chat-room for your team. We can also password protect it for you so only the members of your PMC will be able to access this room.

Room for improvement

Some of the early testers wanted to have multiple-room option and we are now working on it. Soon, you will be able to have multiple rooms on one page where you can quickly switch from one room to the other without leaving them.

This is still being tested but you can check it out now at

(Once you register and login, the chat bar will appear at the bottom of the site.)



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