Cruyff Server – Final Transfers

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Cruyff Server – Final Transfers

Postby Shark » Mon Mar 02, 2015 1:07 am

Cruyff Server – Final Transfers

Activity on Cruyff Server has been very low for a while. Due to low activity and based on user feedback we have received from Cruyff users over the last twelve months, we have decided to give players a final chance to transfer their characters to Pele, and then shut the server down. Gold members (and above) on Cruyff get 1 free transfer for a character of at least level 30.

Gameplay update: Pele only

Pele server will receive the previously announced game-play update soon and we won’t be deploying this update on Cruyff server.

Cruyff server is now closed. Meanwhile, character transfers will be available until March 31st, 2015.

Transfer requests should be made by raising a support ticket. Please make sure you submit the ticket with your account email provided that you meet all the transfer conditions below.

Transfer Conditions:

• If you have an account with at least a Gold membership, you can transfer one character to Pele for free. For additional characters you must pay a transfer fee of 25k credits. (provided that the character is at least level 30 ) A user can transfer a maximum of two characters.

• We will only transfer characters that are level 30 or more and active (in other words; the character is still on the current leader-board). Lower level characters will not be eligible for a transfer.

• You must have a free slot on Pele server. We can not transfer a character to another
account on Pele. We can’t transfer a character if the character name is already taken on Pele server. Please provide an alternative name that is not already in use on Pele server (you may use iSpot in game or character-creation screen to check if a name is available or not.)

• Transfer is free for all players that have at least a Gold membership level . If you currently have a lower membership, we can still transfer your character for 25k credits, otherwise the character(s) will be deleted on March 31, 2015.

• If the character you are transferring is also the owner/manager of a PMC, we will give you the chance to create a PMC for free on Pele.
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