The Competition Management System

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The Competition Management System

Postby Kadarn » Mon Feb 01, 2010 2:59 pm

As you know, the patch brought in the new competition management system, for which I am extremely grateful.

Now, with such a major patch I deliberately have not scheduled in any major events for the next couple of weeks. This is to allow people to get used to the patch and for any resulting bugs to get sorted.

In the mean time, we still have stuff that needs doing. :D This initial launch of the comp management system is very much beta as there are a host of features that are still to be added, and as so I would like to spend the next couple of weeks putting it through its paces.

As such there are three different events taking place over the next couple of weeks, each designed to test out the different features.

1 - Basic Functionality: This will be a 520 event in an FTW style. Main aims are to ensure that match schedule and setups are working OK, that you all know what you're doing and can provide feedback.

2 - Competitive Mode: As above, but this time testing out the new even-levels competitive mode.

3 - Ongoing: This will be a week long event with scheduled matches to test the pushing of matches into the game interface.

More details will be coming on 2&3, but to start with we can crack on with the 520 event this week to test the basic functionality.

As such, please see the following thread for details of this event. viewtopic.php?f=73&t=6527
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