Gameplay update patch 15.5

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Gameplay update patch 15.5

Postby Razza » Sat May 28, 2016 11:41 pm

As some people would have already been aware, from next weekend (now it's live as of June 6, 2016) we have a new patch coming to Football Superstars that will take gameplay to a new level. Soon we are also bringing to you character customisation! This patch will be updated live so there will be nothing to download, just log in and play!

So what's new?

Well, here's everything you will need to know;


- We have reworked the overall pace of the game by analyzing EPL statistics. As a result of this analysis, sprint speed has been increased whilst normal running has been decreased. This will introduce a much more authentic and fluid gameplay. Stamina and recovery has also been reworked accordingly.

- Grey Pre's are now history. So again putting a preload on a ball has become a skill as you will have to time it well. Red pre's stick longer, so spam clicking could take you out of your position. In addition to making the game controls more manual, this also helps eliminate several exploits that depended on the existence of grey preload mechanism and automatic animations.

-Indoor Arena returns! As of this patch you will be able to use Football Superstars’ legendary Indoor Arena for the tutorials and training matches, we will be looking to implement this into friendly matches in the near future.

- Precision LMB's: LMB trajectory have now become a skill, you will be able to aim higher than before but it will hang in the air more and not go as far, so no more just aiming as high as possible to clear and it reaches over the halfway line. This also gives you the ability to control the trajectory of all lmb kicks. You can now kick the ball with more precision within a wider range of kicking angles. This goes for all sorts of crosses, passes and lob shots, so you can get all creative and surprise your opponents with precision LMB's! This is an area we will continue working on to add different kicking styles. Before; Image After; Image

- Goalkeeper AI. This is something we have been working on since the end of 2015. The AI has been reworked and we have changed the way goalkeepers follow the gameplay. They will be more responsive to long passes, more responsive on close range shots as well as long shots. We have changed the way they position themselves on the pitch (depending on the ball and opposition players' positions). Now you will see them faster coming off their line and position themselves better during attacks. They also have a new decision making algo that allows them to parry/block a shot based on the position of attackers. There are still areas we are looking to improve and these improvements will keep coming with the following updates. There are some game engine limitations but we are doing everything we can to improve the goalkeepers.
Before; Image After;Image
Awareness; Image

- As you know, the update in 2015 had aimed to enhance tackling in terms of realism. The goal of that update was to limit consecutive tackles which was making the game very arcadish. This time around, we wanted to change tackling so that they depend more on timing. Based on feedback, we also reduced the tackling-fail animation duration. In order to give you more control over tackles, we improved the responsiveness of the tackle commands and increased the initial tackling speed. This gives defenders the chance to initiate quick tackles, much faster than before and help them stop the relatively faster attackers.

- Player inertia has been added. Basically this means; When you make a sharper turn, your character will slow down considerably (directly proportional to the turn angle). This version only affects running and sprinting players and have no effect on character collisions. In the future, we will introduce inertial mass which means, characters will have different weights and varying agility as a result of this. This is just a hint on the next generation of character attributes/customizations in Football Superstars.


-Character customisation, we have started easy on this but very soon you will be able to log onto the Superstarsleague website and change your hair style and colour, we are looking to add more colours in the future.

-New Stadium Models, this is a big work in progress, however we are currently working on bringing some new stadium models (as well as other models after stadiums) into the game.

-Proper implementation of football rules.

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Re: Gameplay update patch 15.5[NOW LIVE]

Postby Shark » Fri Aug 19, 2016 11:23 pm


We are working on another update. Details will be announced in a few weeks. We are hoping to release this one by the end of September or early October.
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